The Evolution of AR in Canada

Call it digital archaeology. Digging around through the online history of adventure racing in Canada is a bittersweet exercise that is pleasantly nostalgic, but at times feels like a post-mortem. First, some nostalgia... I found the results for the first race I ever did with my BFF: a 2nd place co-ed at the Adventure Racing Canada (ARC) Enduro at Hardwood Hills in 2004. This despite a 180° map-is-upside-down-dumbass error on my part, a pointless canoe capsize in the middle of a calm lake, a flat tire, and some epic cramping. Standard AR good times, in other words. Now, the post-mortem... If one wanted to look back on the rise and decline of adventure racing in Canada, ARC is, fittingly, a

Getting 'Un-Lost'

A quick glance at the map, a check of the compass, you confirm the distance you have traveled, only another 50 or so paces to the trail and then smooth sailing along a trail downhill to the next CP. That CP is also a TA. You start thinking about warm pasta, coke, burgers and other goodies your support crew has waiting for you. Getting out of those shoes and hopping into a canoe to enjoy a lazy river paddle for a few hours. Where are we??! Back to reality and at 50 paces there is no trail, 100 paces, another 300? Hmmm is the trail here? You notice another trail but it doesnít really go in the right direction. OK, follow it for awhile. Hmmm, still not right. Maybe this is the trail you say as

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