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It's a great time to Find Your Adventure in Canada!

Adventure racing (AR) offers Canadians from coast to coast a chance to discover what they can do together. With races from British Columbia to the Maritimes, the Canadian Adventure Racing Association (CARA) has brought race organizations together to celebrate and promote our sport. We want Canadians to discover the fun they'll have taking on unique hiking, biking, paddling and navigation challenges and we've created a short video that offers a taste of what it's all about. The video premieres on June 13th and we hope everyone in the Canadian AR community will watch and share. Experienced racers can share the sport we love and hopefully new racers will be enticed to give AR a try.

It's a great time for the sport, with the recent release of Arthur the King, a major motion picture starring Mark Wahlberg that prominently features adventure racing (hopefully coming to a Canadian streaming service soon…). Participation in Canadian races continue to grow, and the racing calendar continues to grow, with regional and international expedition races.


And our biggest excitement is yet to come! Expedition Canada returns to BC in 2025 and will serve as the Adventure Racing World Series World Championship! It will be a great opportunity for Canadians to be involved, either competing on course with the best in the world or helping with the event.


If you're curious, have questions or want to learn about our sport, please reach out on our socials or Get excited, spread the word about this sport we love and get out and find your own adventures!


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