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7 Reason to do RaidPulse May 16

Mont Saint Marie, just north of Ottawa, is the place to be on the the May 16 weekend if you're looking for a sweet sprint adventure race. RaidPulse has been putting on races for 14 years now: they know their stuff.

1) The short course is the perfect first adventure race for all ages and fitness levels. Like all RaidPulse events, it offers some real wilderness and adventure, yet is totally accessible for rookie adventurers. You can complete this race...

Whether you are very young...

...or very, very old.

2) RaidPulse make it super-easy to enter with a heap of team options, plus solos. Specifically, you can enter in any one of the following 11 – yes, 11!! - categories.

  • Solo male, solo female

A hardcore badass solo male

  • Team Male (2, 3 ou 4 members)

  • Team Female (2, 3 ou 4 members)

  • Team Co-ed (2, 3 ou 4 members)

3 in a canoe is fun, but you need to think about weight distribution

3) Route choices throughout – it's not just a conga line of racers following each other as can happen in some sprint races. Thierry puts in a few sections where checkpoints can be collected in any order, which opens up lots of route options and spreads teams out. Route choice and navigation will count as much as fitness and speed.

Careful map preparation can save lots of troubles later

There was also a ROUTE C, which was to run around the pond. Decisions, decisions...

4) Actual mountain biking on real mountain bike trails thanks to the Vélo MSM MTB club. Mountain biking in adventure races is almost always on roads or ATV trails. Having single-track mountain bike trails in a race is a rare and wonderful treat.

Single-track is heaps of fun

5) Cool new places to go and things to do. Caving or SUPping, anyone?

Aaah...THIS is why there was a headlamp on the gear list

Caving is awesome, but yay for sun and sky!

The "SU" in "SUP" means "Stand-UP", but that's optional

6) You will meet many super-cool racers, volunteers, and staff.

Not all will be this exotic, but you get the idea

7) They can parle the English, so all you Ontario racers will in fact know what's going on.

'e 'as zis adorable haccent ;)

Merci Thierry et compagnie!

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